What is Nishaan?

Nishaan is a network connecting Sikh Societies across London and the South East of England. It is created on the principle of ‘for the students by the students’. Sikh societies in Nishaan retain their individual independence and work together in this region alone, maintaining existing ties on a national level.

What does Nishaan do?

London and South East England Sikh societies want to work together based on the unique, geographical proximity of so many universities in England’s capital city and are looking to do so to improve the service that members receive. The events can be both social and spiritual to enhance your experience of Sikhi. It’s a great way for you to socialise, network, and learn more about Sikhi in a comfortable environment. We offer the chance for you to get involved in charity, sports, take special courses in Sikh Studies and helping the community. We provide ways for you to get involved and make your uni experience that much more fun and one to remember.

Why did we form Nishaan?

One of the fundamental teachings of Sikhi is the ‘Oneness of Humanity’ and we thought that we’d incorporate this sense of togetherness in our Sikh Societies and create a bigger and improved network. We offer you a better experience of Sikhi regardless of your faith, background or knowledge of Sikhi at your time in university. Nishaan provides a place for you to gain an educational, spiritual and social experience of Sikhi in a non-judgemental environment.

What does Nishaan aim to do in the future?

We aim to facilitate other Sikh Societies in following our collaborative efforts with their local universities to create stronger relations and to work collectively to improve the Sikh Soc experience for their members.

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