Annual Report 2012-13

The following events where organised during Nishaan’s second year:

Mount Snowdon Fundraiser - 12th September

Mount Snowdon poster

As Nishaan is a student led organisation we held a fundraiser at the beginning of the term to raise money for the various events we wanted to organise during the year. Students from a variety of universities travelled to Snowdon to climb up the mountain and raised money from friend and families during the process.

Link to photos from the fundraiser:

Video highlights from the trip:

Laser Tag - 10th Oct

Laser Tag Poster 2012

The first event of the year gave students from member Sikh Societies to network in an informal setting. Laser Tag at Trocadero was seen as a great venue for students to have fun and engage in some teamwork.

Link to photos from the event:

Religion in Modern Society - 18th October at City

Religion in Modern Society

Religion in Modern Society discussed the following questions. Do adherents of a religion have any responsibilties towards society at large? Does religion promote accepting the status quo? How relevant is religion to addressing the Social, Political and Economic issues facing us today? Harinder Singh from the Sikh Research Institute shared is insights with the students and answered these questions from a Sikh perspective.

Seva Day - 24th October

Students gathered at Sherphards Bush Gurdwara to prepare food for the homeless in Central London. Sandwiches, crisp and fruit were distributed in Charing Cross.

Video highlights from the event:

Nishaan Kirtan Darbar- 15th November at UCL

A Kirtan Darbar was organised that coincided with Bandi Chor Divas. Kirtan was recited by students and langhar was served, making this a beautiful uplifting event.

Collaborations - 6th December 2012

Collaborations 2012 poster

Collaborations gave students from various Sikh Societies a chance to network at a formal dinner and provided a platform for talented individuals to share their music and skills. All performances were related to Sikhi so the dinner was fun yet inspiring.

Link to photos from the event:

Bharat, India or Hindustan? A Minority Report. -13th Feb at LSE

With one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India’s status as a major player in today’s geo-political realities is undeniable. In spite of this growth, local and international organizations question the Republic’s commitment to Minority Rights, and its further erosion since the adoption of its current constitution on 26 January 1950. This presentation explored the key questions and trends in relation to the rights of minority groups such as Dalits, Sikhs, Muslims & Christians, the attitudes towards Women, and concludes with some potential remedies. The talk was delivered by Harinder Singh from the Sikh Research Institute.

Link to a recording of the talk

Dilruba classes at UCL- every Wednesday

University students from all musical backgrounds had the opportunity to learn how to play the Tanti Saaj and Dilruba.  The aim was to encourage students to play instruments that were used in the Guru’s time.

 Santhiya classes at KCL- every Thursday

Students were given the chance to learn how to read Gurmukhi with the correct pronunciation and improve their understanding of various Bani’s from the Guru Granth Sahib Jee. The focus for this year was on Asa Di Vaar. The class was delivered by students who had spent an extensive time learning Santhiya from Mahan Gursikhs in the Panth and had the relevant experience to share their knowledge.